• aliens
  • cats with powers of mind control
  • jesse st james
  • rachel berry
  • lost pets
  • time links to the titanic
  • basically your typical episode of doctor who
  • minus the doctor. 


must stop myself from watching s02e02 of downton abbey. y so addictive? >< it is late and i should sleep. probably will end up marathoning the rest tomorrow and be done with it. then where will i be? boo. 

in other news: have been dreaming detailed saga type dreams. dream: tried making friends with a boy who liked comics (had his own radio show, seemed cool), but he was just not getting what i was on about. and because i had dream memories to draw upon remembered and missed my friend “gavin” who was the perfect friend, and was always in agreement with me about all manner of comic book topics. and then i woke up minus one dream friend. a friend who didnt even actually appear in dream. more of an offstage/memory of a friend. so strange. 

it’s quite exhausting having long dreams. i wake up wanting a rest again. in the last dream i even spent a rather long time shaving my legs. so much effort and only a dream *sigh*.

must’ve been that lindelof picture.

dream: darren and joey were getting interviewed behind me. darren was being articulate. and i was bonding with tyler brunsman. i made a powerpuff girls reference that he didn’t get and i explained it to him. good dream :)