#falling skies

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• game of thrones: short repeats of the “best” scenes, the “drama” recap, look at all the drama you missed! 

• glee: voice over that spells everything out for you, single issue comic book style

• falling skies: choppiest montage you’ve ever seen, that barely/only makes sense even if you have seen the previous episode. 

and that’s why i’m watching falling skies. 

and that’s why i’m watching falling skies. 

aliens - you got to figure them out.

i am liking this. was starting to OD on zombies. you know what you’re getting with zombies.. don’t let them bite you, get them in the head, etc. but aliens…they can be anything, there’s room for any disturbing plot line you want to think up. the only thing you know for sure is that they’re from another planet. so a show like falling skies, it brings you something new each episode. you wait, you watch…but you still don’t know. what are they going to do next? why are they doing this? more of a mystery. 

reality vs. sci-fi tv

…always with the letting the one doctor put herself in harms way! what is with you people? first LOST, now this goddam doctor lady. she does look to be pretty much the only one too… *sigh* 

real world: you better believe the doctors would all be on lockdown all the time.